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HR Outsourcing services in Pune - Let’s say your business is on its biggest growth curve ever. Your responsibilities include ensuring that your company is moving in the right direction, your resources are not depleted in the course and your employees are equally efficient and happy while performing their job tasks. The latter is a function that unfolds into many layers in itself. For example, HR functions include employee recruitment, scheduling, benefits, training, compliance safety, employer-employee relations and more! This means in addition to molding your business into a successful one, you will have to place equal importance on your employees which is basically your “human resource?. A weak employee base would only mean delay in operations, increase in employee turnover and over a large incurrence of operation costs. You may assign an HR department to handle all these functions, but then again the final decision rests upon you, meaning that even with an HR department functioning in full swing, the autonomy to conducts the recruitment process from the beginning still lies with you. This means along with the already existing limited time frame within which you need to drive your business up, you also have to manage the HR functions!

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With RTCS, you can focus on the developmental aspects of your business while we take care of the backend routine HR functions. For example, when it comes to your hiring process, all you need to do is plan the job application with us and we will bring the final shortlisted candidates to you. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to have a final group of the best and most suitable candidates for your job profile. We provide Human Resources consulting services, as you can save money and time while still being able to drive your business forward successfully.

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Some advantages of outsourcing your Human Resources Consulting services are:-

1. Cost Effective - Our consultant have years of experience in specialized knowledge owing to the number of clients we have handled. Because of the sheer number of times each service has been covered under us, we have streamlined our processes in such a way that we have developed the most effective ways to serve you total HR solutions including psychometric testing for recruitment & development, employee background verification and screening, etc. This is especially beneficial for smaller companies who do not have to hire HR personnel from scratch and can rely on HR consultants. The money you save can be reinvested into your business to generate higher levels of ROI. We are leading HR and Recruitment services company in Pune, India

2. Efficiency - Complex HR functions like compensation, benefits, employee regulations and handbooks, etc can be efficiently dealt with an experienced team like ours. Especially if your company has fresher’s as your HR personnel, training them to effectively handle all these functions can be quite cumbersome owing to the time taken to develop their learning curve. On the other hand, with our years of expertise in this field, we know the exact measures to take depending on your requirements and are very result oriented.

3. Focus on your business growth - Our functions are meant to handle all your routine, monotonous and complex HR functions smoothly so that you can solely focus on the growth of your business. We are considered to be one of the best HR services providers in India and best IT HR Consultancy in Pune because of our result oriented holistic approach to your requirements. For example, in terms of recruitment processes, we will conduct employee screening, psychometric testing and employee background verification and screening on your behalf. You will still have the autonomy to hire or fire the candidate before you actually integrate them into the team.

4. Save Time - Because we streamline and organize our data in such a way that it can be easily accessible, all your HR related queries from vacation to fire safety procedures are easily answerable. Because we are leading HR and Recruitment services company in Pune, India & highly data oriented, you and your employees can have easily access and review information via an HR consultant in Pune.

5. Maintaining Legal Compliance - Labor laws are revised often, so it is essential for every business to be up-to date with the rules and regulations in order to avoid unwanted lawsuits in the future due to negligence. HR consultant are always up-to date with the changing laws and can modify policies based on the updated regulations to make sure that your company is functioning on legitimate grounds. HR service providers

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As a being best placement consultants in Pune We are one of the leading HR and recruitment services company in India because we are adept at efficiently handling the most complex HR functions in accordance with your requirements. The core HR fields where we have expertise are:-

? Employee Recruitment - Measure a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities for a job role by conducting interviews and psychometric tests to identify the best fit in terms of technical and analytical skills.

? Compensation - Managing aspects related to compensation such as basic salary, perks, bonuses, etc

? Talent Acquisition - Finding the best fit for the job role after stringent assessment of candidate’s technical and analytical abilities. Specialized in high profile recruitments, we are adept at finding visionary leaders who have the capability to drive your business up.

? Employer - Employee Relations: Specialized in providing advisory pertaining to maintaining cordial employee relationships to ensure a beneficial relationship and to maintain peace within the staff.

? Performance Management - Our performance evaluation indices are purely data based and can deliver you extremely accurate indicators of good work performance of your employees.

We are proud to state that we stand at leading HR and Recruitment services company in Pune, India. We originate from Pune and serves in complete India. We delve deeper into the all of the core HR functions to give your company the backend human resource support you need. Our human resource consultants are highly qualified individuals with years of expertise in providing complete HR services. We understand that a business environment can be chaotic in the sense that companies are always looking to grow and develop while at the same time trying to keep their core strategic framework strong. This strong foundation is the human resource who are part and parcel of driving the business up. Therefore the need for an efficient HR team is essential. Amidst the chaos, HR outsourcing services can give you a sense of relief and flexibility while getting the regular HR functions done efficiently at a much lower overall cost.