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The process of recruitment has become a tedious process in light of the company size and the constant shortage of talented personnel who fit into the job role exactly. However, the growth of any organization depends on the knowledge, talent and skills of its employees. That is why recruitment falls under “human resources?. And deep knowledge of these things makes us Top payroll outsourcing company in Pune and in India too.

Attracting the Right Candidates - Often the difficulty to hire the right person comes from reasons such shortage of time, unqualified candidates, etc. When facing a time bound recruitment process, the selection of candidates tend to happen on first come first basis. Meaning, if there is a pool of unqualified candidates, often the best out of them is chosen. However, that candidate still may not qualify for being the right fit for the organization.

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Recruitment is an important and extremely challenging process due to the following reasons

1. Attracting the Right Candidates - Often the difficulty to hire the right person comes from reasons such shortage of time, unqualified candidates, etc. When facing a time bound recruitment process, the selection of candidates tend to happen on first come first basis. Meaning, if there is a pool of unqualified candidates, often the best out of them is chosen. However, that candidate still may not qualify for being the right fit for the organization.

2. Persuading Qualified Candidates - Suppose you already found candidates who have the required skills and expertise to fit perfectly into the job role, you may find out that they are also considering several applications at once too. Therefore, your company faces the challenge to convince these candidates and persuade them to join your company.

3. Increasing Costs - With long recruitment process comes the high costs pertaining to delay in operations. There is always an increasing pressure on the recruiters the longer the hiring process takes. This may be become the core reason for frustration and lack of efficiency in their performance which may ultimately reflect in a poor choice of candidates for the job.

4. Abundance of Data - Depending on the size of your company, the sheer amount of data related to candidate’s information itself can be a tedious process to organize and maintain. Often companies resort to manual work in sorting the data out and therefore there is a natural tendency for human errors. Therefore, there is a need to streamline and arrange the data in such a way that it is easily trackable and recallable.

RTCS group is best psychometric testing for recruitment & development providers. Psychometric tests can help eradicate all these issues by significantly cutting down the list of candidates at the beginning of the recruitment stage. It is done by finding out which of the candidates possess the necessary skills, analytical abilities and intelligence that matches with the current employees. You can also elicit whether the the candidate would be a great fit in terms of company culture. Nowadays, a lot of companies are also utilizing computerized psychometric tests that automatically sorts out the top performing candidates based on the predetermined performance parameters.

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Why we are Best HR Psychometric testing & training providers in India & Pune?

Human psyche is naturally wired to form judgments. If you have heard the phrase “First Impression is the Best Impression?, then know that your interviewer already has a preconceived notion about you as you walk through the door before you even utter a word during the interview. Unfortunately, this may result in biased assessment of the interviewee. For example, if the candidate is exceptionally skilled but may lack the resources necessary to look or appear professional, he or she may automatically be considered to be a poor fit. On the contrary, someone portraying exorbitant amount of confidence with absolutely no technical skills relevant to job may be perceived as the perfect fit, Psychometrics tests come as a savior for candidates because the exact same tests are being used on all candidates despite their qualifications or economic background. Their real personality traits and technical skills are well represented AND objectively measurable with such tests regardless of how they perform in an interview. Often candidates while applying may not recognize where their true potential lies. RCTS group’s Psychometrics tests can help them and you figure out whether they are more suitable for a role other than the one that they applied for. Your company can use these tests a benchmark for candidate assessment instead of subjectively deciphering the answers to the interview questions. In either case, using psychometric tests as part of assessment leads to a WIN-WIN situation for the recruiter and the candidate. RTCS group is recruitment & development The hiring manager’s end up hiring the right candidate and the candidate ends up working in a job role that he/she is actually fit for. This will ensure that there is consistency in the hiring practices of the company making it easier for recruiters to organize and sort the data into a more accessible form.

5. Recruitment Experience - The more complicated recruitment processes get, the more difficult it becomes to give individualized feedback to candidates. Sometimes, due to time constraints, candidates are not updated regarding their application status. This can leave them frustrated and cause them to form a biased judgement regarding the company in itself! Several review websites online provide these candidates with a platform to share their recruitment experiences and can be damaging to the company’s reputation if at all candidates had a negative experience. So it is crucial that high vigilance and quality service is maintained from the beginning till the end of the recruitment process.

6. Communication Discrepancies - This is an all too common situation that candidates and recruiters find themselves in. Especially, where a large number of recruiters and hiring managers coordinating the recruitment processes, important information may be lost in communication. For example, interview schedules may not be properly communicated often leading to utter confusion and wastage of time. Therefore there is the need to establish a proper route for effective communication.

7. Employee Background Verification - Suppose you find the candidate who is the right fit, verification of their academic and occupational credentials can be a tough task as well. This calls for the need for proper employee background verification and screening.

These are just glimpses into what recruiters actually face on a daily basis. Even if the recruitment process runs smoothly, incidents like not hearing back from candidates can also cause a delay in achieving a set goal. Therefore there is a need for a properly streamlined system to manage and run the whole recruitment process from the beginning till the end smoothly within the time limit and without costing the company a lot. If you are looking for total HR solutions in India, Pune & top payroll outsourcing company in Pune

At RTCS, we understand the importance of recruiting the right candidates for the right job profiles to ensure the growth of your company. We acknowledge the fact that speedy and efficient recruitment process is of utmost importance. We understand the job roles, advertise within the right channels, source the right candidates, conduct proper scrutinization of their academic and occupational background, match their technical skills with the job requirements and continuously engage with the candidate. We are the leading HR and recruitment services company in India offering top notch services in employment screening services, psychometric testing for recruitment & development, temporary employment and more.

We are Top human resources consulting companies in India, Pune, Providing services for all types of recruitment such as :-

High Profile Recruitment - With a competitive market for each and every commodity or service out there, there is a need for a visionary leader to pave the way to success, someone who is adept at handling the company functions efficiently. At RTCS, we are the best job consultancy for executive recruitment. Our rounds of recruitment are stringent and meticulous wherein our specialist headhunters can help your company find the right candidates to bring on board for the benefit of the organization. There is no need for long months of high level screening among thousands of applicants to find the right fit. It is all a matter of leaving that task to us! We understand that you need a visionary leader to help your company reach new heights, pronto. Hence with our years of expertise, we have found the most organized and effective ways to help you acquire the most talented and skilled executive for your company.

Temporary Staffing Solutions - With the growth of the company comes the growing need for skilled personnel to fill in the growing job positions. At times where finding the right candidate to fill in a job vacancy permanently is difficult, temporary staffing is your ultimate solution. Temporary employment can offer your company the flexibility during an unpredictable recruitment process saving you time, costs, and avoiding delay in operations. When you are not looking to hire full time, due to reasons such as temporary requirement, sick leaves, employee vacation or venture into a new department, you would need agile and flexible workers. Your permanent employees can enjoy the benefits of flexibility too with the advent of temporary staffing solutions. Moreover, people these days are all in for working on the basis of contract, hence this is an all in one solution to ensure your company’s growth without compromising the requirements of your employees.

Talent Acquisition - Your search for the perfect candidate ends with our HR outsourcing services. We aim to bridge the gap between growing number of job vacancies and the growing pool of qualified individuals. We are your employment “matchmakers? when it comes to finding that golden candidate to fill in for your required job role. We are adept at finding individuals with the talent and skill necessary for your company’s growth. Whatever is your requirement, know that we will have your candidate ready in no time! We are one of the best HR services and solutions company for all your recruitment needs. You can eliminate the worries related to the hiring process and focus on the more developmental aspects of your company while we do all the hard work for you!

Permanent Staffing Solutions - Being one of the top staffing agency in India, our hiring experts will aim to strike a balance between your company requirements and the pool of qualified individuals we have. With years of expertise in this field, we have learnt to intimately understand the job tasks of each and every job profile, meaning we will use this knowledge base to help you narrow down to the most suitable candidates for the job. From freshers with deep analytical knowledge to experienced professionals with practical knowledge, we have got a candidate for every job profile.

With RTCS Group’s is top payroll outsourcing company in Pune, so that you do not have to worry about the time and energy expenditure spent on finding the right candidate for your vacant job profile. All you need to do is just give us a call and list your requirements and we will take it from there!

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