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Legal HR Consultant

Organizational structure is expanding and becoming more complex as the years go by, There is always the need for new jobs and a departure of some old jobs due to technological advancements and company structure refurbishing. In addition to this, revision of laws and regulations on corporate grounds keep changing and companies are expected to stay up to date and implement them as and when the changes happens. Legal consultants research and study into these regulations and are always one step ahead of organization’s heads when it comes to the legislative aspects of the company. This means with the increase in structural complexity, there is an increase in the demand for legal consultants who can provide expert and accurate legal advisory. At, RTCS we offer expert legal advisory as part of our total HR solutions . Although your company may hire an in-house counsel, you would require extra help during the peak seasons or for projects requiring specialized legal expertise. Most often companies seek the help of legal advisory for lawful strategic planning, research, development and employee training. Big companies often have the budget to hire an in house legal know-how whereas small to medium companies often lack the resources to add an extra personnel into their workforce. Therefore, in either cases, despite company size, outsourced legal consultancy is highly sought after.

Many companies struggle with the decision of whether to hire a legal consultant or not, especially if the senior management think that they may be perceived as inadequate with their knowledge on the changing rules and regulations. However, that assumption although very common, is very counterproductive. A legal consultant’s job literally revolve around researching, studying and analyzing the extremely dynamic world of corporate law that your company can greatly benefit from their guidance.

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There are many benefits to hiring a legal consultant to manage your labour law compliance:-

1. Lending an Outsider Perspective - Usually, senior management at a multinational company are extremely vigilant when it comes to legal compliance. Any small matter is scrutinized for its positive and negative impact for the company keeping in mind whether the decision is compliant to the company’s policy and the general legal instructions. Therefore, if and when there is an issue, corrective measures are often done quickly as they might have the benefit of a full time in-house legal consultant. Small to medium businesses however are not all that risk averse. With a certain goal in mind, their workflow is often dependent on the developmental aspects of their business. Sometimes in order to reach that goal, some business owners may forego minute legal measures or take advantage of legal loopholes. Decisions are often taken without consultation from the experts. Consultants often look at a business from that of an outsider and are sensitive to any regulatory issues the company is portraying. They can immediately warn and advise the business owner to continue with their business growth on pure legal grounds. Another advantage of legal consultants is that if you have a family business, relationship dynamics often stop members from speaking out if they see anything wrong due to fear of tarnishing the family values. A legal consultant is in no way attached to any of the family members and can lend an objective and neutral advisory without the fear of reprisals.

2. Assist with Contracts : A major reason why you should hire a legal consultant is to guide you with the review of contracts because contracts can make or break a business due to its promissory nature. It is extremely important that business owners scrutinize each and every line (and read between the lines also!) to make sure that the terms and conditions of the contract are to their advantage and according to the memorandum of understanding stated between the two parties. Legal consultant are adept at identifying unfavourable loopholes or hidden fees within a contract and can advise you against it.

3. Identifies Potential Risk - A legal consultant can easily identify potential risks in your company that could land you into serious legal allegations. Problems can range from management issues to copyright issues. With a legal consultant by your side, you can ensure that your business growth is legally compliant at every stage of development.

4. Lawsuit Protection - Many companies are not aware of the fact that are being sued due to some unforeseen issue. By the time they hire a lawyer for defense, they may be too late! In order to avoid such hassles, having a legal consultant at your disposal at all time can help you navigate through each and every legal allegation against you and save you and your company from potential downfall.

5. Saves Time and Money - With the above benefits, you as a business owner will have the benefit of more time to focus on the growth of your business as your legal consultant will take care of the legislative aspects of your company. You will also have the benefit of more money as a legal consultant can help you avoid lawsuits due to non-compliance or hidden fees in contracts.

As much as you place importance on the business growth and your employees, it is essential that you are developing in adherence to the good side of the law. Your business will benefit a great deal over long term because you will have foregone all types of lawsuits or unwanted legal allegations against you due to you being a compliant business. This is is essential in terms of future employment as candidates will check up on whether their potential employer is reliable and credible. It is also essential in terms of maintaining a positive face in the media.

At RTCS, we believe in placing our clients on a pedestal by giving them the most accurate legal advisory. We keep ourselves updated regarding any change in the rules and regulations of the Indian Labour Laws. Therefore, you can trust us to advise you on the implementation of employment laws and help you modify your management or business strategy accordingly. Our consultants conduct audits from the ‘Principal Employer’s’ perspective. We scrutinize the validity of licenses and registration certificate and thoroughly check the contents of returns. Based on that we prepare a comprehensive report containing the compliance status, advisory note to ensure that you are a totally compliant business. This is why we are one of the top consultancy in Pune. In addition to that we also provide psychometric testing for recruitment & development and employee background verification and screening.