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Green Field Project Management

Green Field Project Management

Greenfield project is the one that lacks multiple constraints imposed by prior work. The term is been specifically used in construction and development taking reference land which is never been used before, the land where there was no need to demolish, rebuild an existing structure. Greenfield project is not just related to construction but is now included in many industries which also include software development. RTCS vision is to be a leading Corporate Solutions provider to small & medium-sized enterprises. We are a closely knit family with a democratic group of highly talented brains, who often wear multiple hats in day-to-day operations. RTCS enjoys a flat organization structure. You are given your freedom, opportunities to learn and bring your ideas to the table, as well as experiment them, thus giving you options to try & fail. In this, process learns the nuances of building a world-class product.
SEZ and Non SEZ (DTA)
Land Provision

SEZ (Special Economic Zone) is specifically designed and dedicated duty-free enclave which has economic laws different from a country’s typical economic laws, with the goal to increase foreign investments. SEZs play a major role in rapid economic development of a country. Non-SEZ is known as Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) or Domestic Tariff Zone (DTZ) means an area within India that is outside the Special Economic Zones. RTCS provides Land based on requirements depending on the need of our clients.

Ready to work
Shop Floor

A shop floor is the area of a machine shop or factory where people work on machines or space in a retail establishment where goods are sold to consumers on everyday bases. It is a space that provides accommodation to the business’s management.

Workshops for
Factory Operations

Workshops are the places of production based on industries and factories. These are the defined location where factory operations take place, everything right from raw materials, equipment's, production line and the final products are localised in these workshops.

Plug & Play Corporate
Office Spaces

Virtual offices or plug & play office are a great option if you are looking for a large or small space with a long or short term lease. Space has a good location with a competitive price which is something every business needs. These office spaces fit in budget well and do not need any large initial investment or long-term lease.

New Manufacturing
Plant Set Up

Setting up a new manufacturing unit is almost like building your house. It is truly a challenging and intense learning process. Manufacturing process comes in different shapes and sizes and needs a substantial commitment. Setting up a new manufacturing plant takes multiple steps but we take care of it right from scratch to finish working manufacturing plant.

Factory operations in
India location

Factory operations management is primarily concerned with planning, organizing and supervising in relation to production, manufacturing or services. Factory operations include every part of the factory right from banking, operation and deliveries using multiple resources and technology.