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Graduate Finishing School & Career Enablement Services

Graduate Finishing School & Career Enablement

Capability Assessment

A Capability Assessment helps in determining the real state of learning in any individual based on certain steps which mainly includes counselling and answering a certain set of questions. This can help students as well as parents to get a clear and good understanding of child learning capabilities.

Path Counselling

Path Counselling helps in determining which education path or career should be taken up to have a good steady and growing path during the course of education without loosing interest in any particular course.

Interest Assessment

An interest evaluation can enable you to identify professions that meet your interests. Intrigue evaluations normally solicit you an arrangement from inquiries regarding what you like and don't prefer to do. At that point they coordinate your preferences to professions.

Career direction &
Development to win jobs

A career development plan is a success for employers and employees. The plan focuses centres around the employees’ requirements for development and advancement and the help the association can give so the employee has the chance to develop his or her vocation.

Professional HRM
Skills Training

Professional HRM Skills Training helps in developing intellectual skills in a professional direction help in building a great career for future.