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Psychometric Test

RTCS group, we are top psychometric testing for recruitment & development service providers for businesses in hiring process. But measuring a candidate's technical abilities is easy with tangible means like certificates, interviews, paperwork, etc. However, it is difficult to accurately measure their behavioral and psychological tendencies using these instruments of assessment. Companies these days tend to add psychometric tests to figure out the thinking patterns and behavioral tendencies of their candidates to determine their ability to respond to tasks and situations within their work environment in an objective and measurable manner. Although there are some discrepancies in the choice of psychological tests to be used and the validity of tests in actually reflecting the candidate’s psyche, psychometric tests can deliver in terms of figuring out the candidate’s general responses to situations.

It is essentially to psychometric testing for recruitment & development with the type of industry your company falls under, You may choose to place emphasis on one or two aspects within the psychometric tests. Normally interviewers would like to assess a candidate's attitude, aptitude and interest towards the advertised job vacancy.

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Aspects that are normally looked for in a candidate when conducting psychometric testing for recruitment & development:-

1. Team Behavior - You will have an idea as to how the individual performs in a group. Whether he or she automatically assumes the role of a leader or a team member or whether he or she participates in the group at all. You will get a perspective into their strength and weaknesses, and draw a picture of how the candidate could thrive in your work environment.

2. Analytical Abilities - Apart from the situational type tests, psychometric assessment also includes numerical, abstract and logical tests which elicit the analytical abilities and thinking capacities of the candidate. Given a question that requires much logical reasoning, you will be able to figure out how your candidate manages a situation that requires a similar level of thinking.

In accordance with your findings, you can then determine whether the candidate is an overall fit for the job role. You can even assign roles to them depending on their group behaviour.

Psychometric testing for recruitment & development, psychometric testing for recruitment & development

Why companies should include psychometric tests for recruitment?

Despite your company size, the addition of psychometric tests to the conventional methods of employee screening can add to the value determination of the candidate. For example, psychometric tests in MNCs can help figure out where the candidate will fit, the type of job role that is best suited for them and assignment of positions within a team. In SMEs, psychometric tests give you an overall picture of the candidates analytical abilities and general demeanor.

No need to Rely ONLY on Interviews

Interviews in itself may not give you a comprehensive assessment of the candidate because of two scenarios:-

A. Your candidate may possess the necessary skills and aptitude to efficiently handle the job role, but may be slacking during the face to face interview due to nervousness, lack of interview practice and a slew of other uncontrollable reasons.

B. Your candidate may ace the interview with utmost confidence possibly because the answers to the questions have been well prepared in advance but he or she may lack the actual skills and analytical abilities capable for performing the job tasks.

Psychometric tests can avoid such biased interviews that may result in your company hiring the wrong person for the job! As this process is time consuming and can incur costs due to delay in operations, it is advised to include psychometric assessments also to compare the candidate’s intelligence and technical abilities against those who are already working in the company.

Psychometric testing for recruitment & development pune

Saves TIME and MONEY

When a job vacancy is advertised especially in big companies usually the response in profound. Everyday recruiters face a mountainous pile of applications and large dataset of applicants. It would take a millennium to sift through each and every one of them, shortlist the best candidates and create a comparison of abilities between these shortlisted candidates. In addition to that the longer it takes for a vacancy to fill in , the more are the costs incurred due to delay in operations and your existing employees’ work flow is significantly disrupted. Therefore speedy recruitment is the most crucial function of a recruiter to hasten the process towards finding the right fit. This demand means, the stress and pressure on the recruiter is also high leading to a slack in their general performance.

RTCS group is best psychometric testing for recruitment & development providers. Psychometric tests can help eradicate all these issues by significantly cutting down the list of candidates at the beginning of the recruitment stage. It is done by finding out which of the candidates possess the necessary skills, analytical abilities and intelligence that matches with the current employees. You can also elicit whether the the candidate would be a great fit in terms of company culture. Nowadays, a lot of companies are also utilizing computerized psychometric tests that automatically sorts out the top performing candidates based on the predetermined performance parameters.

Psychometric training for Recruitment Service Providers

Why we are Best HR Psychometric testing & training providers in India & Pune?

Human psyche is naturally wired to form judgments. If you have heard the phrase “First Impression is the Best Impression? then know that your interviewer already has a preconceived notion about you as you walk through the door before you even utter a word during the interview. Unfortunately, this may result in biased assessment of the interviewee. For example, if the candidate is exceptionally skilled but may lack the resources necessary to look or appear professional, he or she may automatically be considered to be a poor fit. On the contrary, someone portraying exorbitant amount of confidence with absolutely no technical skills relevant to job may be perceived as the perfect fit, Psychometrics tests come as a savior for candidates because the exact same tests are being used on all candidates despite their qualifications or economic background. Their real personality traits and technical skills are well represented AND objectively measurable with such tests regardless of how they perform in an interview. Often candidates while applying may not recognize where their true potential lies. RCTS group’s Psychometrics tests can help them and you figure out whether they are more suitable for a role other than the one that they applied for. Your company can use these tests a benchmark for candidate assessment instead of subjectively deciphering the answers to the interview questions. In either case, using psychometric tests as part of assessment leads to a WIN-WIN situation for the recruiter and the candidate. RTCS group is recruitment & development The hiring manager’s end up hiring the right candidate and the candidate ends up working in a job role that he/she is actually fit for. This will ensure that there is consistency in the hiring practices of the company making it easier for recruiters to organize and sort the data into a more accessible form.