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Employee Background Verification

Here’s a question for you to ponder upon. Have you ever contacted the references that your candidate has listed in his or her curriculum vitae? If your answer is no, then fret not as this is a very common issue faced by many organizations. Often, if there is an effort for contacting references, the line is unreachable or other unforeseen reasons crop up. Assuming blindly that your candidate’s academic, personal and occupations background is true without actually conducting any background check at all is an extremely damaging practice to you and your organization.

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The reason why this step before permanently hiring the employee is so crucial is because

Knowing the past can help predict the future - Finding out about the candidate’s history with his or her previous organizations can give you some insight into his or her behavior when they start working with you. Whether it is flaws in the candidate’s personality or performance or his or her general conduct while in a working environment, you will have a crystal clear idea in predicting his or her performance threshold. This will prevent your business from facing delay in operations due to unnecessary issues.

Criminal history is brought to Light - In extremely rare cases, your candidate may have had a serious brush with the law positing him or her as unreliable, dangerous, etc. Regardless of whether their convictions are minor or major, your organization deserves to be aware of this information as you will be hiring the same candidate under you. In cases where the offence is serious, hiring an individual as such may tarnish the organization's reputation in itself. Either way, you can avoid all these issues by simply conducting an employee background verification and screening to draw out their criminal background.

Elicit a FULL Picture of your candidate - Interviews are similar to a psychology experiment. Tasks and questions are given to see how the person on the other end responds to it, depending on which an assessment in done. However, knowing that one is under surveillance while performing a task can impair their responses due to being conscious of their words and actions. The same happens during an interview. The candidate always presents a more pleasant side to them, meaning that their responses may be slightly altered and not portraying their true self. A proper background check can tell you how the person’s actual behavior is in a working environment allowing to zero in on the discrepancies between their interview persona and actual persona.

Verifies academic credentials - Some job profiles require sound theoretical knowledge on a topic and hence candidates who have pursued an academic degree in specializing that topic prove to be better candidates. It is important to conduct checks on the educational history to ensure that they have the certificates and qualification that they claim to have. With our employee background verification and screening, you can be assured of a truly academically qualified individual to fit your job profile.

As it is, hiring process is extremely long and difficult. In addition to that hiring an employee who is innately dishonest or has had criminal histories in the past can only mean a hindrance to the growth of your organization and increasing costs pertaining to delay in operation, To avoid all this, you might as well spend a little more time conducting a proper background check on your candidate to ensure that you have a truly right fit to fill the vacancy. Consider this step as a “risk mitigation? technique to ensure your company runs smoothly.

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We Real Time Corporate Solution, employee background verification and screening Originated in Pune, aims to be the benchmark in providing top notch background screening services in India. It is essentially the most fundamental, yet most overlooked aspect of recruitment. It basically involves investigation and assimilation of information regarding the individual in order to ensure that they are an all-round perfect fit for the company. It involves looking into the candidates education, criminal, occupational records, address verification, etc. The reason why it is so important is that it reduces the amount of hindrances and issues in the future by eliminating candidates who had a serious brush with the law, those who have faked their academic credentials and previous employment status.

Investigations into the candidates past can reveal critical information such as qualifications, credentials, past performance, criminal history all which can help the hiring manager to cast an accurate judgment regarding their performance threshold and suitability to the organization’s culture. Such checks can also be useful in confirming information found on the candidate’s resumes.

At RTCS, we provide screening services for various types of verification

A) Address Verification (Site Visit)

? Physical Verification of candidate's residential address - via physical site visit. (Permanent / Current / Previous address)

? Key Result area - Tenure of Stay, Residence Type (Owned / Rented), General Code of Conduct, etc.

? Document Submitted/ Information Given - Completely filled address verification forms, along with the photographs of the location / premises (wherever available), captured at the site.

B) Education / Professional Qualifications

Educational certificates and degrees are quite easy to forge and duplicate. For the uninitiated employer, it’s no mean feat to separate genuine candidates from fraudulent and fake ones. Your HR manager might end up hiring someone who isn’t actually educationally qualified for the job they applied to, for instance. This can end up affecting productivity, and cause you to pay someone who is incapable of the work they are assigned. Large number of job applicants makes false educational claims and thus this becomes imperative and necessity.

Verifying the authenticity of the candidates' educational and / or professional background starting from SSC level, through official channels at the educational / professional institution.

Document Submitted/ Information Given - Screen-shots of the e-mail received from the University / Institute OR verbal confirmation, along with the verifier's name and designation (wherever available), as per the University / Institute protocol.

C) Employment Verification

? Verifying the veracity of past employment record only with HR.

? Key Result area - Tenure, Designation, CTC, Dues Pending (if any), Mode of Exit, Rehire Eligibility, etc

? Document Submitted/ Information Given - Screen-shots of the email received from the HR (wherever available). Were ex-employers happy with a particular candidate? Did the candidate actually work at that firm?

D) Professional References

? Telephonic verification of the candidates' personal integrity, educational, and professional background from the professional references provided by the candidate.

? Key Result area - Performance, Capabilities, Character, Behavior etc.

? Document Submitted/ Information Given - Screen-shots of the email received from the professional references (wherever available).

We are the top consultancy in Pune for providing total HR solutions which includes professional background verification of candidate's’ academic and occupational credentials. Remember, It is highly recommended that employee background checks are not to be taken lightly as a compliance formality, but rather to ensure business safety.

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